Welcome To Hellion Knights

NeverWinter has become one of the most popular games once it appeared and we believe the coming of us would bring more pleasures to you. We are here with free game, cheap prices, fun events and a development team working on adding in new content all the time.



To enjoy our server, please download game client via the following download sites. Also, please don't hesitate to report us if you have any problems with the client download link.

Our client requires Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package (x86); if the Launcher doesn't work, please install this on your computer. click here to download

FULL CLIENT compressed multifile archive DOWNLOAD (compatible with win10) (use 7zip to decompress all archives)

Mirror 1 (Google Drive)

FULL CLIENT .exe Installer DOWNLOAD (not compatible with win10)

Mirror 2 (Mega)

FULL CLIENT DOWNLOAD selfunpacking archive.

Mirror 3 (Mega)



What We Offer

x2 exp

x2 drop

No Lag

Nice Community


Game and Forums Content must stay all ages-appropiated. The use of sexual explicit content and offensive language may end up with your account being terminated.

No Discrimination Allowed: Any kind of discrimination remarks will end up with your account being permanently banned. Players must be respected regardless of their nationality, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, etc.

No Bug Exploit Alowed: All bugs must be immmediately reported to a staff member. A banneable bug is any ingame error that can be used for your advantage by a distortion of the game's original intention. Exploited bugs will end up on an instant account permanently termination.

Accounts and Items Can't Be Sold For Real Money: It will also end up on the accounts (both seller and buyer) being permanently banned. You can exchange items for gold, even items or gold for Zen. But you cannot sell them for real money.

No Advertising: The advertise of other servers (direct or indirect competition to us) is absolutely forbidden. If you want to advertise yours or someone's else servers, go to an advertising website or host your own site.

Look Out After Your Account: The only owner of an account is the owner of the used mail to create it. Accounts must not be shared between players, and your account data must never be revealed. If a player’s account is hacked, keylogged, scammed, etc; the only possible way to recover it is with the password recovery system. If you haven’t use a real mail to create the account, or you forget the address, the account is lost forever. GM’s don’t recover accounts for the players.

No Scamming: If a player tried to scam you in any way, you must submit enough proof of the offense to a GM. The offender will be permanent ban from the game, but your items won’t be recovered. Remember, you must be the first in taking care of your items and pay attention.

No using a GM name or impersonating a Staff member: Nicks ingame must not be similar to staff members nicknames. If during any Database search a character is found with a GM name, it will be deleted and the account banned without warning. Impersonating a GM or a Staff member ingame will also be reason for permanent ban.

Respect the Staff: Staff members must be respected and offensive language against them will not be tolerated. The staff members will have the same behavior to you and be respectful to every player. This kind of offense could ends in a permanent ban, regarding the seriousness of your comments.


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